SEO vs. Paid Search

SEO vs. Paid Search

There is a lot of talk about should I ‘Pay per click’ or should I do ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Some companies which provide SEO services tend to believe that SEO is the most effective way to do online marketing. At the same time, Paid advertising services continue to grow. Last night Google announced its financials with a 42% increase in paid clicks.

The reality is that these two activities are not mutually exclusive. SEO and Paid Search actually complement each other. This is commonly know as SEM – Search Engine Marketing.

In terms of search engine, the main difference is that SEO does not guarantee a position on the first page, whereas if your content is relevant and you bid high enough, Paid advertising does guarantee a position on the top of the page.

Some believe that SEO is more effective than Paid Advertising. However, if you truly want to see results with Search Engine Marketing, you need to find a balance between SEO and Paid Search. This concept is similar to traditional publicity (Organic) vs. Advertising (Paid).

The problem with SEO is that recently thousands of companies claim to be SEO experts,  however their contracts do not imply they are experts as they provide no guarantees what so ever. Furthermore, recently Google released two updates to their algorithm to address SEO spam. The updates are known as Penguin and Panda. Penguin focuses on unnatural links whereas Panda focuses on article spam.  The best way to ensure that you are not doing SEO spam, is to make sure the articles and links that relate to your site are intended to add value to your potential and current customers. This as opposed to fabricating links and articles to try to increase your SEO rank.

Bottom line, a combination of SEO and paid advertising is the best way to connect with customers and develop new business opportunities.